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The Top 5 Blogs for Small Business Owners in 2024/jotform.com

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Blogs are among the first resources you should seek to for guidance, inspiration, hiring advice, or assistance in a challenging sales scenario.

There are plenty of blogs devoted to small businesses online. It might be difficult to decide which blogs to read because there are so many to pick from.

1. The Survival of Small Businesses

The Small Business Survival blog was founded by Becky McCray with the express purpose of serving rural business owners and entrepreneurs. She wanted to make connections with small town entrepreneurs worldwide, having spent her entire life in a small town.

The three primary categories of the blog are leveling up, doing & growing, and dreaming. It covers all the bases, including hiring, competing against companies in larger locations, isolating oneself from colleagues in the business, and locating the greatest resources. Even the book on small town businesses was co-written by her.

2. Kabbage

Atlanta, Georgia-based Kabbage is a provider of digital banking technologies for small businesses. It has created a helpful companion resource center that guides readers through the complexities of handling the banking and financial parts of their firm, taking into account its business model and target market.

Make expert online forms that are suitable for any type of small business.

3. Small Company Fire Sale

Small Business Bonfire is a community of entrepreneurs that work together to provide resources and advice. They offer both in-depth articles and quick reads on a variety of topics, like marketing automation and the best standing desk options. Founder Alyssa Gregory started the blog in 2011 with the goal of giving the online business and marketing information a more human touch and consistency.

Thousands of posts, tens of thousands of social media followers, and a popular newsletter that offers a free one-page marketing plan template upon signup are all examples of the blog’s current success.

4. Vast Concepts for Small Enterprises

Attorney, author, and public speaker Barbara Weltman frequently updates the extensive, multi-media reference guide, Big Ideas for Small Business, with fresh blogs and other information. The webpage offers expanding businesses reading lists and book recommendations for more in-depth information, including several of Weltman’s own, as well as a daily “Idea of the Day” that addresses a trending topic in news or business.

5. Marketing using Duct Tape

Duct Tape Marketing offers practical small business sales and marketing assistance to over 30,000 monthly website visitors. Subjects covered include lead generation, SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.

The blog was founded by John Jantsch. In addition, he writes and speaks at keynotes and is the best-selling author of several books, including SEO for Growth, The Commitment Engine, The Referral Engine, and Duct Tape Marketing.

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