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Oliphant Dress: A Guide to Styling this Exquisite Garment

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Oliphant Dress: This time of year is so much fun, especially when it comes to fashion! Everyone is planning what to wear to graduation, what to pack for the vacation, and what to wear for the upcoming summer gathering. Answer? Dress! While you could certainly wear shorts or pants to many of these events, I most often reach for a dress. And if you’re a lover of beautiful silhouettes and amazing prints like me, the Oliphant dress is a must! Today I’m going to share some of the reasons I love this brand, where you can shop their clothes, and of course my current favorite styles. About the brand

Inspired by her love of color and travel, Cara Hotchkiss founded Oliphant in 2012. The brand strikes a wonderful balance between whimsy and femininity. Every season they bring a new crop of eye-catching prints and interesting silhouettes. And the detailing on every Oliphant dress is really gorgeous. They follow traditional techniques such as hand block printing, beading and hand embroidery to make their garments. In addition, they use only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Why I love Oliphant Dresses

Oliphant popped up on my radar a few years ago and I instantly fell in love. The brand creates beautiful styles that are easy to wear and pack perfectly. It’s no secret that I love fun prints, which happens to be one of the brand’s strengths. Plus, there’s an Oliphant dress in just about every length and sleeve style you could want! I find their styles extremely versatile as most of them are easily dressed up or down. While I’ve loved many of their pieces over the years (as shown here and here), this latest drop has some of my favorites!

Midi shirt dress

Oliphant Dress

image credit goes to the-atlantic-pacific

If I were forced to pick a favorite Oliphant dress, it might be this midi shirt. I’m crazy about the midi length and flattering tie waist. Plus, I love the preppy, yet modern, vibe of this cut. The print screams Americana, making it a great style for Memorial Day weekend or the 4th of July.

For styling, I decided to pair this dress with these polka dot platforms. I love a good print mix! To top it all off, I added these red oversized stud earrings and this jacket. I love how these pieces bring out the pop of red in the dress. Of course, a look is never complete without sunglasses, so I added my favorite shades from Amazon for $15 in light blue. Not only will this outfit be great for a summer vacation, but also for a Friday night date!

Oliphant mini dress with short sleeves

Oliphant mini dress with short sleeves

image credit goes to the-atlantic-pacific

Let’s switch gears and talk about a more casual piece from the latest collection, this tropical print mini. You can customize this Oliphant dress in 100 different ways! For this look I decided to pair it with these fisherman sandals. Another fun way to style this dress would be to wear it with these sneakers. For more casual style ideas, be sure to check out some of our other favorite sneakers for dresses! To complete the look, I added this raffia crossbody bag and these under $40 sunglasses that I wear all the time. That’s a great weekend road trip! I feel comfortable and casual, yet put together.

If mini dresses aren’t your thing, this beautiful print is also available in several other styles, including this women’s midi , this tie dress , and this skirt . I honestly love them all!

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