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The top 10 foods in the world/edition.cnn.com

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1. United States: Buttered popcorn

The ideal way to enjoy corn, the industrial world’s workhorse, is to fry it with lots of butter until it becomes sweet and then eat it with greasy fistfuls while binge-watching Netflix late at night.

2. India’s masala dosa

A spicy mash potato mixture is encased in a crispy rice-batter crepe and dipped with pickles, sauces made with tomatoes and lentils, and other condiments. It’s a great breakfast option that will fill you up until noon, at which point you’ll definitely want another.

3. United Kingdom: potato chips

The origins of the potato chip are unknown. Although American mythology claims they were created in New York in 1853, the first recorded recipe for “Potatoes Fried in Slices or Shavings” can be found in a best-selling cookbook published in 1817 by Englishman William Kitchiner.

In any event, they are currently among the greatest and most kid-friendly cuisines in the globe. But consider it this way: if a single chip were to cost, say, $5, it would be a much more valuable (and sought-after) delicacy than caviar, deserving of wars.

4. Spanish seafood paella

A steaming pan of paella stands in front of you, the sea laps at your feet, and a warm breeze blows the tablecloth about your legs. This Valencian cuisine will instantly put you in the mood for a vacation. It combines white rice, a variety of herbs, oil, and salt with shrimp, lobster, mussels, and cuttlefish. That being said, you’re most likely already there if you have it in Spain.

5. Singapore chicken rice

This steamed or boiled chicken is typically served over fragrant greasy rice and is sometimes referred to as the “national dish” of Singapore. Sliced cucumber is the traditional vegetable. Soy sauce chicken and roasted chicken are two variations. It’s among the greatest foods in Singapore, no matter how it’s made. The dipping sauces, which include pounded ginger, chili with garlic, and premium black soy sauce, give it that extra kick to make sure you’re always thinking about chicken rice even when you’re not in Singapore.

6. Canada’s Poutine

Brown gravy and cheese curds slathered over french fries. It sounds kind of disgusting, looks even worse, and coats the tongue in a cheesy, saucy, fried-potato mixture that will make you struggle for the last bit. It’s best, according to our Canadian friends, after three in the morning after “several” beers.

7. Mexico’s Tacos

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this freshly prepared tortilla is packed with tiny bits of grilled beef that have been coated with oil and sea salt. It may then be topped with guacamole, salsa, onions, cilantro, or whatever else you choose. For this reason, no traveler ever departs Mexico lighter than when they arrived.

8. Marmite on buttered toast, UK

Okay, so anything with butter will definitely taste amazing, but there’s something about this sour, salty, tangy, and love-or-hate yeast extract that makes a slice of grilled bread seem like a reason to live. Top with a layer of marmalade for added delicious (or yuck) factor.

9. Southeast Asian stinky tofu

The smell of one of the weirdest foods on the planet is something you really don’t want to experience. Smelly tofu is among the most recognizable dishes in Southeast Asia, along with durian. Many people find the smell of fermenting tofu to be so strong that it takes them months to forget about it. Is the renowned exquisite flavor truly worth the work? Yes, it is.

10. Thailand’s Som Tam

Use a mortar and pestle to crush the garlic and chilies to make the most well-known salad in Thailand. Add the sugar cane paste, lime juice, dried shrimp, peanuts, string beans, fish sauce, tamarind juice, and a handful of grated green papaya. Take a sticky rice side dish. Some variations exist, such as those made with fermented fish sauce (som tam plah lah) and crab (som tam boo), but none quite compare to the original’s flavor and understated beauty.

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